Alex is a overall happy go lucky 23 year old who is hopeful everything will go his way if he just believes hard enough even though it never does while hanging with Darren and Alex. He considers himself a traditionalist when it comes to dating: if you go on enough dates, open doors for a lady, and treat her well she will eventually invite you inside her home.


Darren's finances, career, and his love life just don't seem to be working in his favor. He believes that one day he will be able to display his talents to the world, however has no worries about whenever that may be, much to the chagrin of his roommates Adam and Alex and his family. 


Adam is a hopeless romantic turned cynic who has made it his mission to dole out his frustrations on his dates and roommates/friends Darren and Alex. In his failed attempts to find true love, he has reluctantly turned to video games and social media to soothe his pain.