Feb.14, 2016

Laid Out has been nominated by LAWEBFEST!! Taking place at Steven J Ross Theater on Warner Bros. Studios lot, Sunday April, 24. Celebrating its 7th year,, LAWEBFEST is the worlds biggest Web Series festival. Congrats to all those nominated! See you on April 24th!

Nominations include:

Adam Diamond, Darren Nelson, Alex Cain, Outstanding Writing

Darren Nelson, Outstanding Lead Actor

Salina Soto, Outstanding Guest Actress

Swisyzinna, Outstanding Guest Actress


Laid Out follows 3 males living in Los Angeles, CA who, with their blunt personalities, and no filter, seem to always mess up their chances of getting laid in the city of angels. 

Laid Out is created, written and stars Darren Nelson, Adam Diamond and Alex Cain.

The guys use the city's various means of transportation in an effort to get laid.

The guys outdo each other while talking to the only girl left at the party.
The rent's due and the guys need to get paid.

This episode "50 Shades of Harry Potter" explores the magical world of online dating. So get out your wands and whips, the fellas will see you now.

The fellas discuss the differences between the single life and being married.